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Robin Heath - Bluestone Magic : Sacred Stones of Wales
Dr. Jude Currivan - Hope - Healing Our People & Earth
Transformation: An Audience w Dolores carousel
Arun Gandhi-Total Non Violence
Kate Masters - Megaliths of Orkney & Shetland
Megalithomania 2012 – 12 DVD BOX-SET
Anthony Thorley - Apollo's Arrow & the Secret Knowledge of the Bronze Age
Brien Foerster - The Lost History of the Inca
Marylyn Whaymand-Ancient Cretan Knowledge:Whose Was It & Where Did It Come From?
Sig Lonegren - Ancient Sites of The Netherlands & Scandanavia
Guy Needler - A History of God
Jacelyn Eckman-Shamballa's New Economic Plan For Humanity
Megalithomania South Africa 2011 – 15 DVD BOX SET
Semir Sam Osmanagich – Pyramids of Bosnia & Europe
Brien Foerster - The Enigma of the Elongated Skulls
Janie Wells-Payment For Passage
Klaus Dona - Unsolved Mysteries
Michael Dennis - God's Many Mansions
Maria Wheatley - Divining the Earth Force
Hugh Newman – Earth Grids
Peter Gandy-The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom Of The Pharaohs
Robert Bauval - Black Genesis: The Ancient Origins of Egypt
Hugh Newman & Geoff Stray - The Olmec Origins of the Mayan 2012 Calendar
Henry Michaelson-And Jesus Said: A Conversation
John Major Jenkins – Maya Temples: Time, Astronomy & Spiritual Teachings
James North-Hermetica & The Renaissance
Klaus Dona - Mysterious Artifacts from Secret Collections
Celia Gunn-From Sinix't To Somerset
Cinnamon Crow-Cosmic Vibrational Healing
Nick Marchmont - Alchemy & The Birth of Modern Science
Graham Hancock - Elves, Angels, Aliens & Ayahausca
Victoria Pendragon-Your Body Knows
Guy Needler - KOSMOS The Spiritual Realms
Mark Heley - The Social Singularity and Convergence of 2012
Hugh Newman - Megaliths & Earth Energies of South America
Nick Marchmont- An Introduction to Sacred Geometry
Maria Wheatley-Divining the Earth Force
John Stuart Reid-Ancient Egyptian Acoustics & Sound Healing
Greg Sams - Seeing the Light Through Ancient Eyes
John Neal - Michell and Me: How We Cracked Metrology
Michael Cremo - Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity
Dr Nick Kollerstrom - Is Paul McCartney Dead?
Bob Trubshaw - The Song-Lines of Avebury & Beyond
Meghan Rice - Sheela-Na-Gigs of Ancient Britain
Raymond Catchpole-What The Environment Can Tell You If You Listen
Paul Devereux - Sacred Geography & Magical Mindscapes
Arun Gandhi - Total Non Violence
Andrew Gough - The Hidden Hive of History...
Adrian Gilbert - The Stone of Scone: The Egyptian Connection
Yannick Van Dorne - Ancient Techniques Applied to Food Production
Anthony Thorley - The Great God Lugh and the Enchantment of Olympic London
Dale Pond-Sympathetic Vibratory Physics: The Spiritual Science of John Keely and Others
Brien Foerster - Lost Ancient Technology of Peru & Bolivia
Julia Cannon - Soul Speak - The Language of Your Body
Harry Oldfield-Our Invisible Universe
Graham Hancock - A Species With Amnesia
Gary Lachman - The Hermetic Jung
Michael Tellinger – Advanced Technology of Ancient South Africa

The brightest and best minds across the spectrum of radical research, brought to you live from three continents & gathered in our library

At the cutting-edge of research into Esoterica, Earth Mysteries, Lost & Ancient Knowledge, Deep Politics, Exotic Technology, Exopolitics & Lawful Rebellion, Pentos Television brings you it all.

Featuring both live and recorded multimedia presentations from the very best conferences in their fields, including Megalithomania, Eternal Knowledge Festival, Weird, Transformation, Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group, ARC and Avalon Rising…

And featuring some of the most highly regarded international speakers & authors including Graham Hancock, Michael Cremo, Robert Bauval, Dolores Cannon, Klaus Dona, Michael Tellinger, John Neal and many more..