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 Anthony Thorley


Anthony Thorley Stars and stones cover 149 x 212

In this conversation, Anthony discusses the nature of manifest reality, ritual majick and the astounding concept of backwards causality, only glimpsed by thinking beyond linear time.
Anthony Thorley has been researching aspects of symbolic landscape, myth, history and traditions for over thirty years. He is developing a PhD on the conceptual basis of landscape zodiacs as sacred space and teaches Sacred Geography, at University of Wales, Trinity St David.

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 Mr Max Bliss

Max bliss is an ordinary man. A builder in fact, who started noticing the increasing numbers of what have become known as persistent contrails or “chemtrails”. Ever since, he has pursued whatever information he’s been able to glean about the subject, which has resulted in his becoming a tireless campaigner for, if not openness on the part of the governments and corporations that may be responsible, then at least a serious dialogue on the subject. Because as anyone who has looked up at the skies in the last ten years has surely noticed, there is certainly something going on. Quite what it is, by whom and with what purpose remains open to question.

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 Best Foot Forward

John Neal is an independent researcher and author, who has devoted many years to the study of ancient metrology. He has reached the remarkable conclusion that all the measurements of the ancient world, from the Babylonian foot to the Egyptian Cubit, were in fact part of the same integrated system. Here he discusses his work with Professor Michael Vickers of Oxford University, who has vindicated what many in academic circles still consider tantamount to heresy.

Secret Academy