Adrian Gilbert
The Stone of Scone: The Egyptian Connection

February 2, 2016

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Stone of Scone: The Egyptian Connection

As a young man reading chemistry at the University of Kent, Adrian also practised yoga & once experienced an extraordinary awakening of a type described in the Upanishads. Becoming suddenly aware that everything in the whole universe, including he himself, were all particles of the same great god being. This mystical experience sharpened his appetite for the ultimate knowledge: who we are, where we come from & our purpose in life. Seeking answers to these burning questions, Adrian became ever more interested in philosophy. In his twenties he lived in two worlds: an inner, mystical world & an outer world of travel, jobs & relationships. This duality was reflected in his first book The Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology published by Solos Press 1991, bringing together scientific reasoning & mystical insight. As things have turned out this has continued to be the hallmark of Adrian’s writing & perhaps explains why his books have achieved such wide recognition.

In this lecture, an expansion on his book of the same topic, Adrian presents compelling evidence that the “coronation stone” over which English & Scottish monarchs since the 14thC are said to have been crowned, may be a good deal more than a mere ceremonial rock. And just might have a hallowed other purpose that can trace its’ origin back to the earliest documented times of ancient Egypt.

Filmed at the Eternal Knowledge Festival

Directed by Jonathan Adams


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