Dr Nick Kollerstrom
Is Paul McCartney Dead?

February 2, 2016

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Is Paul McCartney Dead?

The biggest urban legend in the history of rock ‘n’ roll?

Did the real James Paul McCartney die tragically in 1966, causing a big change in the Beatles’ music, as a very talented replacement took over?

Is the world’s most famous musician not quite who he appears to be?

Dr Kollerstrom is an accredited science historian, author and accomplished astrologer. He is also a student of the unusual and possessor of an uncanny nose for what doesn’t quite ring true. In this presentation he introduces facts that might well lead you to the conclusion that Sir Paul may not actually be who he appears.
Nick’s is a searing academic analysis that delves into the clues and anomalies, from Billy Shears to barefoot across Abbey Road.

Is Paul McCartney dead?..

You decide.


Filmed at the Harlequin Fayre

Directed by Jonathan Adams

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