Anthony Thorley
The Great God Lugh and the Enchantment of Olympic London

February 2, 2016

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The Great God Lugh and the Enchantment of Olympic London

This presentation is one of a very special few, recorded at the last ever Stars and Stones Forum in Suffolk England, digitally remastered and released here for the first time.

Based on several years of original research into the British landscape, this presentation traces the geomantic and mythical history of the Olympic Games of 2012. As well as exploring the Galactic Centre of the Gypsy Switch landscape zodiac and its significance to the Olympic Park, this presentation will tell the tale of the spirit of Lugh and his role as guardian of the sovereignty of the land, the origins of the Europe-wide celebration of great gatherings and sacred games dedicated to this elusive Mercurial sky-god of pre-Roman Europe, and how that tradition has emerged as the Lughnasa August harvest festival uncannily echoed in Olympic London in August 2012. Anthony Thorley has been researching aspects of symbolic landscape, myth, history and traditions for over thirty years. He is developing a PhD on the conceptual basis of landscape zodiacs as sacred space and teaches Sacred Geography, at University of Wales, Trinity St David.
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All the talks in this series are lovingly dedicated to Stars & Stones founder, John Agnew

Directed by Jonathan Adams

Cover painting by Amanda Clark – Earth Angels Art

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