Harry Oldfield
Our Invisible Universe

February 2, 2016

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Our Invisible Universe

Harry Oldfield presents visual evidence of human and environmental energy fields, including the energies of sacred sites.His presentation will cover an over-arching overview of his research, inventions and theories, and will be accompanied by a host of stunning visuals revealing the subtle energies of our ‘invisible’ universe.
Harry Oldfield, D. Hom (Med), research scientist, inventor and homeopathic
physician has been researching his theories about life and its meaning for more
than three decades. He pioneered Kirlian photography in the UK as early as the
mid-1970s after which he developed his most famous invention: Polycontrast
Interference Photography (PIP), now superceded by ‘New Energy Vision’, which
will be presented at his lecture. Numerous awards include ‘The Alyce and Elmer
Green Award for Innovation’ in 2006 from The International Society for the Study
of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) for his work ‘which allows us to experience our multi-dimensional existence through his extraordinary images’.www.electrocrystal.com

Filmed at the Eternal Knowledge Festival

Directed by Jonathan Adams


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