Raymond Catchpole
What The Environment Can Tell You If You Listen

February 2, 2016

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What The Environment Can Tell You If You Listen

Applying vastu and feng shui and enjoying real earth wisdom. Unlocking the ancient timeless wisdom of the Vedas and Taoism to change your space and change your life. Raymond is chairman of the Feng Shui Society and a founding chairman of the Global Feng Shui Alliance which links the feng shui profession across continents from America to Australia. He is an accredited feng shui and vastu consultant working in the residential and corporate fields and an experienced lecturer at university and general media level. He has studied Indian and other eastern philosophies for over thirty years and brings a practical approach to his subject enlivened with humour and insight. He is not known for leaving questions unanswered.

Filmed at the Eternal Knowledge Festival

Directed by Jonathan Adams


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