Stuart Wilson
Mary Magdalene & The Gnostic Process Of Transforming Consciousness

February 2, 2016

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Mary Magdalene & The Gnostic Process Of Transforming Consciousness

Stuart Wilson is a writer on new perspectives, and his perceptions have been developed through thirty years of working with groups committed to personal growth. For nine years, he co-focalized (with Joanna Prentis) the Starlight Centre in the West ofEngland, a centre dedicated to healing and the transformation of consciousness. He writes about this time:
‘A stream of visitors came in to the Centre, and we had an amazing and mindbending time sitting at the feet of internationally respected spiritual teachers and workshop leaders.

‘Part of the work of the Centre was the exploration of past lives, and this led to my collaboration with Joanna to write Limitations: The Power of Conscious Co-Creation and Atlantis and the New Consciousness. However the core of our work was the past life sessions that led to the Essene Trilogy: The Essenes, Children of the Light, Power of the Magdalene, and The Magdalene Version, which is in production with Ozark Mountain Publishing.
‘When we began to explore past lives in the early 1990s we never intended to write books, but the narrati ve kept unrolling as more and more people who had once been Essenes came to us to contr ibute their part to the expanding picture. We wrote the first book, The Essenes, Children of the Light based on our inner guidance, but the whole project took on a new lease of life when an angelic being called Alariel came into our lives in 2005. We encountered him through a past life process that is described in Atlantis and the New Consciousness, and Alariel speaks for a group of twelve angels who work with the Order of Melchizedek.

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