Bob Trubshaw
The Song-Lines of Avebury & Beyond

February 2, 2016

in Bob Trubshaw, Megalithomania Glastonbury

Bob Trubshaw - The Song-Lines of Avebury & Beyond

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Bob Trubshaw – The Song-Lines of Avebury & Beyond

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Bob Trubshaw reveals a surprising variety of different topics in this new lecture, from Anglo-Saxon place-names to early Greek philosophy — and much in between — he creates an interwoven approach to the prehistoric landscape, creating a ‘mindscape’ that someone in Neolithic Britain might just recognise. This is a mindscape where sound, swans and rivers help us to understand the megalithic monuments. Continuing from where scholarship usually stops and using instead the approaches of storytelling, Bob weaves this wide variety of ideas together as a ‘songline’ for the Avebury landscape. This re-mythologising of the land follows two ‘dreamtime’ ancestors along the Kennet valley to the precursors of Avebury henge and Silbury Hill. Few writers have Bob Trubshaw’s breadth of knowledge combined with a mythopoetic ability to construct a modern day story that re-enchants the landscape. This lecture will be an inspiration to all those interested in prehistory, mythology or the Neolithic monuments of the World Heritage Site at Avebury.

A prolific author on all things earth mysteries and founder of Heart of Albion Press, Bob was instrumental in forming the Mercian Mysteries Group and its magazine, which turned him on to a new magazine named At The Edge in 1996. This was a short-lived periodical, and after ten issues merged with 3rd Stone magazine in 1998 under the editorship of Neil Mortimer. He has authored numerous books and currently lives in Avebury.

Directed by Jonathan Adams




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