Sig Lonegren – Ancient Sites of The Netherlands & Scandanavia

February 2, 2016

in Megalithomania Glastonbury, Sig Lonegren

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Sig Lonegren – Ancient Sites of The Netherlands & Scandanavia

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Both Scandinavia and The Netherlands have wonderful prehistoric remains that are in a some ways quite different, and in others very similar to the ones we have here in Britain. In Sweden, there are numerous vesica shaped stone ship settings, more old labyrinths than anywhere else on our planet, rune stones, and many (what we would call) round barrows. Holland has long low hunnabedden – a series of small dolmens all in a line, truncated cone hills like Silbury, and numerous round barrow fields. One thing these two countries share in common are dead straight lines associated with death. In Holland between the towns of Laren, Busum and Hilversum, there are dodweggen (death ways), dead straight paths that come in like spokes on a wheel from these surrounding towns to a cemetery in the centre. Sig’s father was Swedish, and his wife Karin is Dutch, so he has an affinity for both countries.

Sig was a founding member of The Labyrinth Society, and has been a Trustee of both the American and British Society of Dowsers,  His books include Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses, Spiritual Dowsing, and The Pendulum Kit, which has been translated into fifteen languages and has sold a million-and-a-half copies.  This year, he has published an iBook, Earth Mysteries Handbook: Holistic Non-Intrusive Data Gathering Techniques. It is based on the premise that if you gather information on a number of sacred spaces, it will convince you that you can use these special places to grow spiritually.  He teaches in Britain, The Netherlands and in the US, and has lived with his Dutch wife Karin here in Glastonbury for over twenty-five years.

Filmed at Megalithomania 2012, Glastonbury UK by Pentos TV

Directed by Jonathan Adams




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