Robin Heath
Bluestone Magic – Sacred Stones of Wales

February 2, 2016

in Megalithomania Glastonbury, Robin Heath

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Robin Heath – Bluestone Magic – Sacred Stones of Wales

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For Robin’s third appearance at Megalithomania, he provides a much needed and important guide to anyone visiting the major and a few minor megalithic sites in the Preseli region of West Wales, but it takes in a much wider compass than this. Packed with new original research, apart from telling you about the geometry of monuments, it will inform you on how sites relate to others, often over long distances, and how they are related to their landscapes and skyscapes. This is the first comprehensive evaluation of the incredible sites of Wales from one of the foremost megalithic researchers on the planet. Based upon Robin’s new book ‘Bluestone Magic’.

Previously a senior lecturer and college department head, Robin, a prolific author, has taught surveying, navigation and mathematics for over 25 years. An internationally published author on astronomy, sacred geography and the megalithic culture of Europe, Robin has lectured on the sacred geography module at Bath Spa University College and teaches astronomy at an Oxford University FAS summer school. His books include Sun, Moon & Stonehenge, Bluestone Magic, The Measure of Albion (with John Michell) & Stonehenge (Wooden Books).

Directed by Jonathan Adams




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