Celia Gunn
From Sinix’t To Somerset

February 2, 2016

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From Sinix’t To Somerset

This presentation is one of a very special few, recorded at the last ever Stars and Stones Forum in Suffolk England, digitally remastered and released here for the first time.

An enigmatic encounter with a Native American visionary drew Englishwoman Celia Gunn into the rebirth of his people,
a tribe declared extinct by the Canadian government.For six years, Celia walked a path few have followed,her life entwined with the great wisdom of the Native American way of life. Her account of her experience, ‘A Twist in Coyote’s Tale’, has been adapted into a film, ‘The Sinix’t: Bringing Home the Bones’.
In this powerful and emotive presentation, Celia shares her heart-warming story and the vital relevance of traditional Native American wisdom.Included is a rare, in-depth interview with Celia Gunn; the ceremonial gifting of a hand-knapped, stone axhead; footage of a recent encounter with Laughing Thunder,Sinix’t spiritual elder, and a trailer for the film “Bringing Home the Bones”.
Celia Gunn is a Northumbrian author who has lived in Israel and Canada. A lifelong seeker into the mysteries of reality, she works with her husband Anthony Thorley to help others rediscover their mystical relationship with nature and the land, and find meaning in life. A keen gardener, she find peace and healing tending her beautiful woodland chakra garden.www.earthskywalk.com

All the talks in this series are lovingly dedicated to Stars & Stones founder, John Agnew.

Directed by Jonathan Adams

Cover painting by Amanda Clark – Earth Angels Art


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