James North
Hermetica & The Renaissance

February 2, 2016

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Hermetica & The Renaissance

The Ancient Wisdom was not just a philosophy or a religious belief. It was a complete practical system that underpinned the music, architecture, spiritual practice and scriptures of past civilisations. It was only in the time of the Ancient Greeks that religion and science began to move apart, and in the Christian era the wisdom of the Mysteries was preserved by small secret societies. At the beginnings of the modern scientific age, an esoteric movement known as Rosicrucianism left tantalising clues to these mysteries in print, for the first time
in the West. And the great philosopher Francis Bacon attempted to found the new science on the foundations of the Ancient Wisdom. Using newly recovered knowledge about sacred geometry, Kabbalah and esoteric Christianity, this talk shows how the great mystics of the 17th Century encoded their knowledge in the symbols of alchemy and Freemasonry and how ancient music theory may help us develop a truly spiritual science.
James North has studied music, philosophy and the great esoteric traditions for 20 years. His academic research focused on Renaissance Hermeticism and Kabbalah; he is anexpert on the neo-alchemical science of Francis Bacon. He believes passionately that the Ageless Wisdom, particularly the traditions of Rosicrucianism and the sacred music of Orpheus, are essential to keeping beauty and spirituality alive in the present era.

Filmed at the Eternal Knowledge Festival

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