Henry Michaelson
And Jesus Said: A Conversation

February 2, 2016

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And Jesus Said: A Conversation

Henry Michaelson has early childhood memories of knowing something was going to happen before it did. Just everyday events like who his family would go visit after church on Sunday night or that a friend would forget to bring his bat to a pickup baseball game. Unknown to him, he was having early manifestations of precognition and clairvoyance. He never shared these experiences with anyone. He sensed no one would understand and he’d face ridicule. Therefore, he grew up feeling like he had a secret he couldn’t share with anyone.
During his formal education, he searched for explanations of his experiences in religion, philosophy, theology, psychology and metaphysics. However, none of these sources provided the answers and insight he sought.
It was not until Henry was 32 years old that he met someone who understood him. He trusted her with his secret. She helped him understand his experiences and taught him methodologies to develop and expand his abilities.
Since then, Henry has sporadically conducted psychic readings and channelled for private clients. However, he has learned that most people are uncomfortable knowing someone with his skills. As a result, Henry remains secretive about his gifts.
The publication of this book is a departure from that habit of non-disclosure. However, that speaks to the content of book and the unusual agreement that brought it about.

Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Masters in Theology. He retired from a career in logistics and technology. He lives with his wife in the southern United States.

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