Nick Marchmont
An Introduction to Sacred Geometry

February 2, 2016

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An Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Nick Marchmont is an independent researcher with a lifelong interest
in ancient cultures, vanished civilisations and old knowledge. His
Healing History presentations use a wide range of illustrations to cast
an engaging and colourful light on the skills of our ancestors. From the
birth of Earth to the Age of Prophecy, Nick makes clear connections
between the genius of earlier ages and contemporary ideas whilst
questioning the modern interpretation of humanity’s past.

If you’ve ever wondered just what Sacred Geometry was all about but
didn’t know where to begin finding out, then this one is for you. Nick’s
infectious enthusiasm and friendly presentation is informative and
accessible, and you’ll quickly be grasping platonics and much more.

“Celebrate the past, inform the present, embrace the future.”

Nick Marchmont Nick also hosts Dr Rock’s Radio Show at every Thursday evening from 1800 – 2000 hours.

Directed by Jonathan Adams

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