Jacelyn Eckman
Shamballa’s New Economic Plan For Humanity

February 2, 2016

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Shamballa’s New Economic Plan For Humanity

Jaclyn is a former diplomat with the U. S. Department of State, serving in Embassies in Europe, South America and Asia as Cultural and Press Attache. Her work at the University of Oregon (with degrees in International Studies/development economics and Asian Studies), and Syracuse University (with a degree in International Relations) reflects a life-long interest in global issues. She has spent most of her life traveling and living among people in cultures on both sides of the so-called north/south divide, and is deeply committed to mitigating the negative effects of that divide in economic, religious and racial terms.

She is a life-long student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, of comparative religions and shamanic systems of thought and practice. Drawing on these traditions along with her professional training Jacelyn has offered classes, workshops and retreats over the last four decades on a variety of esoteric and metaphysical themes across the U.S.and abroad. She has also taught Integral Yoga, Chi Gong and Tai Chi, and produced a series of instructional Chi videotapes. Jacelyn is a published author of two series of books based on recovered memories from previous incarnations: Veronica, The Lost Years of Jesus and Veronica, Eyewitness to the Ministry of Jesus, told from the perspective of her life as a cousin of Jesus.

She has also authored Children of the Light, The Awakening and Children of the Light, The Sunrise Sea, a saga about the last days of Atlantis and their seeding of human civilisation after that great civilisation’s final destruction.

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