Greg Sams
Seeing the Light Through Ancient Eyes

February 2, 2016

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Seeing the Light Through Ancient Eyes

We are made of stardust and powered by starlight. Is it any wonder our ancestors placed Sun in the pantheon of gods wherever it shone upon the planet? Greg will show how today’s cosmological discovery sits more comfortably with an ancient understanding of stellar consciousness than with a mechanical dumb-ball-of-gas headset.

Gregory Sams has been bringing novel concepts to the culture since the age of 19, when, in 1967, he and brother Craig introduced organic and natural foods to the UK marketplace. After 15 yrs of catering, Seed Magazine, Ceres Grain Store & Bakery, Harmony & Whole Earth Foods, in 1982 Gregory conceived and christened the original Vegeburger, creating a marketplace for vegetarian food. Leaving food for fractals in 1990, he opened Strange Attractions, the world’s only shop dedicated to chaos theory. This led to his first book, Uncommon Sense, the State is Out of Date, applying chaos theory to social organization. His last book, Sun of gOd, Discover the Self-Organizing Principle that Underlies Everything, re-introduces us to our local star.

Filmed at the Eternal Knowledge Festival

Directed by Jonathan Adams


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