Janie Wells
Payment For Passage

February 2, 2016

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Payment For Passage

Above all else, Janie Wells is a survivor. No parent should have to bury their child, but Janie was catapulted instantly into the reality of violent crime in 200I with the capital murder of her 30-year-old daughter. Grief stricken, broken and in shock, Janie not only picked up the pieces of her life, but discovered a passage to spiritual transformation by living each moment with honesty, raw emotions and an open heart. Janie’s tenacity of purpose in the pursuit of justice and peace of mind launched her into a profound spiritual journey. She found that she was not alone in her struggle as her life began to overflow with angelic encounters and divine interventions. Janie’s genuineness evolved into the ability to live totally in the present moment with a loving heart and courage of steel, making her days filled with divine moments of truth, not only for herself but many who cross her path. She makes room in her heart and shares her special gift without hesitation. She speaks with profound honesty and love, helping a person move from a fearful, powerless existence that is self-defeating and pulls the plug on connecting with the spiritual world … to that of a truly authentic life that ensures spiritual growth. Janie knows that her daughter Joann is her source of information for others when she is able to detach from everything and be totally in the moment with them. Janie and Joann’s message goes beyond the story of pain to one of redeeming light and a great love for the fellow human. They inspire you to develop your own potential, to self-caring, and to know yourself-to let go and be real. Janie loves connecting to others and presents in such a way that inspires trust. She feels tremendous compassion that seemingly allows others to open up and deeply hear the messages she conveys.

Janie is the author of Payment for Passage

Directed by Jonathan Adams



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