Maria Wheatley
Divining the Earth Force

February 2, 2016

in Maria Wheatley, Speakers, Transformation USA

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Divining the Earth Force

Author and professional dowser Maria Wheatley has been studying dowsing, astrology and past lives for over 20 years. Maria is considered a leading authority on earth energies and has spent the past ten years researching how ley lines and earth energies were integrated into ancient sites and more importantly, how they were harnessed by our ancient ancestors to raise consciousness. Maria has been teaching subjects such as Earth Divination, the symbolic language of Mother Earth, and dowsing since 1992 and is the founder of The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies. Maria has been raising awareness of how the Earth’s energetic eco-system can enhance or hinder our lives. She teaches corporate companies in the UK and a US nursing college how to identify the Earth’s healing lines and geodetic patterns and to negate inharmonious energies. Maria’s late father, Dennis Wheatley, was considered one of Britain’ s most advanced dowsers who taught several well-known authors, such as Geoff Stray, to dowse the hidden energies that flow silently through the Earth. The way forward is to work with the Earth not against her.

Recorded and Live Streamed from the 7th Annual Ozark Mountain Publishing “Transformation Conference” in Rogers, Arkansas USA, July 2012.

Directed by Jonathan Adams



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