Palden Jenkins
Peace In The Holy Land

February 2, 2016

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Peace In The Holy Land

Palden’s personal involvement with the Holy Land goes back three lives -always as a foreigner. This is the story ofhis involvement and approach in this life. He works at Hope Flowers School and Community Education Center in Bethlehem on the West Bank, with fingers in many other pies as well. He’s a sucker for conflict zones because they bring out the deepest of human issues and paradoxes -they’re frontlines of human evolution. Palden cut his teeth in 1960s Liverpool and the LSE. and he’s pursued an ‘alternative’ path ever since. Founder of three educational projects, an author. editor, webmaster, advocate, citizen diplomat, counsellor and advisor, he lives in Cornwall and Palestine. His latest book, Pictures of Palestine, tells of real life in Palestine and theissues ofworkingasan open-heartedhumanitarian.

Directed by Jonathan Adams



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