Sherri Cortland
Living In The Here & Now

February 2, 2016

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Living In The Here & Now

Author of “Windows of Opportunity” and “Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age”, Sherri is originally from York State and currently resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewski, where.she is the Director of Specialty Sales for Westgate Resorts. Sherri also teaches a series of workshops based on her books, and designs crystal & stone jewelry. She is a continuing student in the field of Herbology, which she studied originally under Rosemary Gladstar, and earned a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Clayton College of Natural Health.
In the 1980’s while working on her B.A. in Communications, Sherri attended a series of meditation and psychic development classes. It was during one of these spiritual development classes that her Spirit Guide, Jeremy first made contact. Through Automatic Writing Sherri worked with Jeremy and the guide group she refers to as the “GG” to channel much of the information for her first book, “Windows of Opportunity;” and with two other guide groups, led by spirit guides Gilbert and Akhnanda, for her second book, “Raising Our Vibrations.” She is currently working with all three guide groups on a new workbook, tentatively titled, “Spiritual Growth Toolbox.”

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